Organic Vegan Diet


Our client was looking to build a blog and video recipe collection especially for people trying to adhere to an organic vegan diet. They wanted a site that would automatically consume RSS feeds and show the latest videos and news. They also wanted to easily be able to add and edit their own articles and user submissions.


Before we began to develop the website, we collaborated with the client to make sure we really understood their goals and objectives with this site. We also worked with them to develop intuitive navigation and an aesthetically pleasing design. After the site went live, we spent time with the client teaching them how to add and edit their own content.


By spending the time up front to get to know the client and what they were looking for out of this website project we were really able to meet their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The site has been live over a year and has grown to several thousand pages and gets many visitors every day.

You can view the site here: Organic Vegan Diet